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Display and search geographical data, query data based on a location or calculate routes for several modalities. Make use of the advanced GeodanMaps location intelligence services.


For GeodanMaps several API descriptions are available. Have a look and test our API’s listed below. For usage a servicekey is required. If you are not in the possession of a valid servicekey, one can be requested by sending an email to helpdesk@geodan.nl.

  • Mapservices

    GeodanMaps offers multiple Map Services which can be used as base or top layers. For example: maps for towns, buildings and addresses, postal codes or all trees of the Netherlands.

  • Geosearch

    Geocode your data with Geosearch, an intelligent geocoder for looking up geographical coordinates for a location.

  • Routing

    Calculate routes, isochrones and more with Geodan’s highly optimized routing service. And use these with the different network types for cars, (e)bikes and pedestrians.

  • GeoQuest

    Geoquest provides a simple API for filtering data based on a location, route or area of interest. For example: what is the number of inhabitants in a neighbourhood?

  • Locator

    The GeodanMaps Locator can persist real time spatial data for insightful visual analysis and keeping a location history.

  • Notificator

    The GeodanMaps Notificator is an easy to use REST API for sending messages and notifications.

  • Reporter

    The GeodanMaps Reporter can be used to print a geometry, like a route or area with or without a background map using different available templates.